When Charmaine moved to Sweden a few years ago she wanted to reach out to the rest of the Filipino community. And although it was possible to find information all around the web it was hard work and difficult find the up to date information by herself.

So, what to do?

Well, her husband Jan used to work with web development many years ago and decided to build a website and try to collect all the interesting information from different sources. To make it easier for newcomers to find information and organisations to reach out to new users.

In 2014 the first version was launched, and the journey begun. Sometimes it been very active and sometimes less active, all depending how much time we were able to put in. And raising a little girl leaves little time to run a web project.

Then in early 2018 we had a big backlash. The publishing platform we used for the website was hacked and our mail box was filled with hundreds of spam messages every day.

In the end we gave up and took down the website completely.

And for a while we didn’t see any future for the website.


The memory of the positive feedback from the early years reminded us why we did start this in the beginning. And after licking our wounds for some months we started up again. Now on a more modern platform (WordPress) and a little different approach on how to maintain the website.

So if you have any request for information, or if you want to inform the community about anything, please use our contact form so we can help you.

We are looking forward too many years as a part in the online Filipino community in Sweden.

God bless,
Charmaine, Jan and little Maria